As allergy season sweeps in, it’s crucial to have the right vacuum bags to combat airborne allergens effectively. While 100% paper bags have been a staple in vacuum cleaners for years, 2 Ply – 80/20 paper/polyester paper bags with 100% electrostatically charged polypropylene melt-blown offer significant advantages especially for allergy sufferers. Let’s delve into why Melt-Blown bags, like those from Janitized®, outshine traditional paper bags in the battle against allergens. 

Superior Filtration Efficiency 

Melt-Blown bags are engineered with advanced filtration technology that traps even the smallest particles including pollen, dust mites, pet dander, and mold spores. This high level of filtration is essential during allergy season when these microscopic allergens are prevalent in indoor environments. 

Allergen Retention 

Unlike 100% paper bags that can allow allergens to escape through the paper filter media, Melt-Blown bags capture and retain allergens securely. This prevents allergen recirculation and ensures a cleaner, healthier environment for allergy-sensitive individuals. 

Enhanced Durability 

Melt-Blown bags are known for their durability and resistance to tearing, even when filled with fine allergen particles. This durability not only ensures effective filtration but also reduces the risk of bag ruptures and leaks, maintaining optimal vacuum performance. 

Odor Control 

Some Melt-Blown bags come with additional features like activated carbon layers or antimicrobial treatments, providing not only superior filtration but also effective odor control. This is particularly beneficial for households with pets or in areas prone to musty odors. 

Eco-Friendly Options 

Many Melt-Blown bags are eco-friendly and recyclable, reducing environmental impact compared to traditional paper bags. This sustainability aspect adds value to users who prioritize green living practices. 

Janitized Melt-Blown Bag Options 

JAN-WISEN Designed for Windsor Sensor upright vacuum models, offering high-efficiency filtration and durability for extended use. 

JAN-CMPRO Ideal for CleanMax Standard Pro Series vacuums, providing superior allergen retention and odor control capabilities. 

JAN-PTSCP6 Specifically crafted for ProTeam SuperCoach Pro vacuums, featuring advanced Melt-Blown technology for exceptional filtration performance. 

JAN-PTSCP10 Tailored for ProTeam Super Coach Pro 10-qt vacuums, combining durability, allergen retention, and eco-friendly features for a comprehensive cleaning solution.

By choosing Melt-Blown vacuum bags from Janitized® you can elevate the allergy season cleaning experience with unparalleled filtration efficiency, durability and eco-consciousness.