4 Reasons to Become a Janitized® Distributor


Finding the right company to partner with as a distributor can be a challenge. However, Janitized® has years of experience, with a large array of products and brands that our long-term distributors appreciate for sourcing aftermarket vacuum bags. 


1. Accreditation

APC Filtration Inc has over forty years of experience in the industry, with the Janitized® brand being around for twenty five years being the premier supplier of aftermarket vacuum bags and filtration products to the Jan San industry.

Janitized® functions in an ISO 9001:2015 environment that operates within LEAN and 5S systems. This allows us to provide our distributors peace of mind as they’re able to provide their clients with the best quality products manufactured by the best in the industry.


2. Quality Manufacturers

Janitized® is a brand of APC Filtration Inc., which manufactures Janitized® products, like our vacuum filtration bags and restoration filters. APC Filtration Inc. has set up a process to ensure all Janitized® products meet the highest quality; specializing in critical, testing products and inspection throughout the whole production process.


3. Wide Array of Products and Brands

Janitized® offers a huge selection of aftermarket products and brands for our clients, ranging from vacuum filter bags to restoration filters to industrial filters. All our products are made to last even for the toughest commercial cleaning applications and are designed to improve indoor air quality and worker safety. 

Listed below are some of our products for you to explore:

  • Dri-Eaz * DefendAir * HEPA 500 Stage 1 Pre-filter – F270, 13-00202
  • Windsor * Sensor * S , S2 & XP 12/15/18 , Versamatic * Plus & Allstar Javelin * 12 Upright Vacuum Filter Bag – 5300 , 86000500 , 8.600-050.0
  • ProTeam * ProLux * , ProForce * 1200XP , ProForce * 1500 & 1500XP , ProCare * 12 & 12XP Vacuum Filter Bag – 103483 , 103484
  • Sanitaire * EON * Quiet Clean Style RL for models: SC5000 & SC5500 – 68104
  • Tennant * 6400 , 6400E & 6400D , M20 & M30 Washable Panel Filter – 361668 , 375212 , 1037207AM , 1041616AM , 1048295AM
  • Windsor * Chariot * 2 iVac* 24 ATV Vacuum Filter Bag – 8.634-104.0 , 86341040
  • EZ Bleach™ Disinfectant Tablets

With all Janitized® bags being made out of 2 or 3 Ply Meltblown and Paper they meet or exceed OEM specifications, meaning they provide up to 40% more airflow, 55% increased filter life, 99% micro-filtration, and are up to 46% stronger than Genuine OEM bags.


4. Streamlined Processes

Because we’ve been in the business of selling aftermarket vacuum bags for many years, we have extremely efficient and accurate processes. Additionally, working with an experienced manufacturer helps us provide excellent products efficiently to our distributors. Becoming a distributor with Janitized® gives an experienced partner in the industry with exceptional quality products, making your job as a distributor as smooth as possible. With our large offering of products you can now order all your aftermarket filter and vacuum bags from one reliable supplier.


Become a Distributor with Janitized®

At Janitized®, we’re always looking for new reliable distributors to promote our aftermarket vacuum bags and filtration products. Janitized® is a one-stop shop for distributors for all the products they need. If you’d like to become a distributor with us or learn more information, please fill out our contact form, and one of our client care specialists will be in touch!