How Melt-blown Filters Help Keep Spaces Cleaner

Over the past few months we have been moving back to pre-pandemic trends, allowing us to host more in person events, go back to the office, attend concerts and shows, enjoy indoor shopping malls, and more. While this is all very exciting it also means that we need to pay closer attention and ensure our indoor spaces clean and high indoor air quality are maintained to help keep everyone safe and healthy.

According to a report by Health Canada, poor indoor air quality (IAQ) can lead to people inside buildings to feel both physical and mental ailments. But, having something to help control the amount of contaminants in the air and cleaning the dust trapped in furniture and carpets has been proven to improve IAQ.

In fact, long-term exposure to poor IAQ can cause health problems, and in some cases can even cause issues with immediate exposure, according to the Government of Canada. To improve IAQ and prevent health issues, it’s important to use high-quality filters, like melt-blown filters, for your Shop-Vac vacuums when cleaning indoor areas. Melt-blown filters help ensure dust and particles being extracted from carpets and floors are trapped within the vacuum bags rather than escaping back into the atmosphere. Other vacuum filters, often allow allergens and harmful particles to be spread back into the air.

Having the right equipment is just as important as is having the best quality vacuum bags for your Shop-Vac vacuums – by using melt-blown Shop-Vac vacuum bags you can help effectively remove all the dust, allergens, and chemicals that are trapped in carpets to help improve overall IAQ and keep your staff and clients safe and healthy

How are melt-blown vacuum filters different?

Melt-blown filters are made from a process called “melt blowing.” Melt blowing involves producing polypropylene fiber from polymers or resins. This is done using high-velocity air or other types of forces to produce continuous filaments into a random laid nonwoven fabric.

Contrary to melt-blown filters, traditional filters use threads made from nylon, polyester, and cotton that are simply woven or knit together. Melt-blown filters for Shop-Vac vacuums use thin fibers bound by heat, chemicals, and mechanical interlocking to give them a stronger filtration system. With such tightly woven fibers, melt-blown filters can filter some of the finest particles, trapping dust from carpets and furniture, and improving the IAQ for those who are very sensitive to allergens, chemicals, and scents.

Janitized® Melt-Blown Shop-Vac Filters

Janitized® carries a wide assortment of sizes od melt-blown filters for Shop-Vac vacuums. All Janitized® Shop-Vac bags are made with melt-blown micro filters and 2-ply combination paper.

  • JAN-SV90671-2(2) Shop-Vac* 5-8 gallons
  • JAN-SV90672-2(2) Shop-Vac* 10-15 gallons
  • JAN-SV90672-3(2) Shop-Vac* 16-22 gallons

Key Takeaways

Keeping people safe in any type of building is important for people’s overall health – both for the janitorial staff and patrons. It’s especially important to protect people who have chemical sensitivities, allergies, or other health concerns where IAQ is extremely important to their overall well-being. Having the right melt-blown Shop-Vac vacuum bags in your equipment is one of many important steps to help improve our health and well-being.

Janitized® provides a large range of aftermarket commercial-grade Shop-Vac vacuum bag. If you’re interested in more information or placing an order, contact your Janitized® Representative, call APC Filtration at 1-888-689-1235, or view our full catalog here.