The right restoration filters and equipment are essential for disaster recovery and minimizing damage caused by natural disasters like hurricanes.

The Benefits of Restoration Filters During Hurricane Season

The last thing someone wants is to find out they didn’t have the right restoration filtration products after a hurricane has hit and caused damage to their home or business.


Hurricane season for the Atlantic region usually starts June 1 and lasts until around November 30. This region includes the Atlantic Ocean, Caribbean Sea, and the Gulf of Mexico. A single hurricane can incur losses totaling over a billion dollars in just one season.


Damages induced by a hurricane can include flooding, mold, water damage, or even the total loss of a house. With an average of 10 hurricanes a season, homes must be protected and prepared for anything that comes their way.


Once water damage is in a home, several things can impact the air quality. First, mold can occur, and more bacteria can grow within that mold. Without the proper restoration filters, this can lead to bacteria and diseases quickly spreading throughout the home. Poor air quality can lead to people getting sick, impact their breathing (especially if they have asthma), and overall impact their quality of life.


Because hurricanes are so common in the Atlantic region and cause so much damage, it’s essential to be prepared and ensure homes have their restoration filters up to date.


Part of your preparation for protecting your home and loved ones should include investing in high-quality restoration filters. Some HEPA restoration filters that will aid greatly in improving air quality include:


Other options for protecting your home post-hurricane can include purchasing aftermarket vacuum bags and air filters. These can assist you in clearing up the mold and other bacteria that are harboring within the home on furniture and within carpets.

Key Takeaways

Hurricanes can incur insurmountable damage but are also inevitable for those living in the Atlantic region. Because of this, it’s essential to take the necessary steps to protect homes against mold, water damage, and poor air quality. With hurricane season approaching, there’s no better time than now to check to ensure you have the right restoration filters equipment in case of a hurricane.


Get your home and business ready for hurricane season with the proper restoration filters and protect against long-term damage to your properties.


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