Windsor * vacuums have been a leader in the commercial vacuum filtration industry for years. Their Sensor * and Versamatic * lineups are used by offices, warehouses, shops, cleaning professionals, and more on a daily basis because of their high quality and efficiency.

Windsor offers a variety of vacuums used by cleaning professionals that are suitable for industrial, commercial, and residential cleaning. Their backpack, upright, cannister, and wide area vacuums give every company options to find the best machine for their business.

Vacuum Bags and Filters Designed for Windsor Vacuums

A vacuum brand as well-known and powerful as Windsor deserves to have the best equipment and accessories. When looking for replacement equipment and filters for Windsor vacuums, quality should be your most important consideration. Windsor vacuums need high quality bags and filters to ensure they are working optimally and efficiently.

Some Windsor vacuums come equipped with HEPA filters that need to be regularly replaced to ensure internal equipment doesn’t get damaged and the vacuum continues to work as intended. Windsor vacuums with HEPA filters are ideal for industries that require the next level of clean, like hospitals and schools. They remove a minimum of 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns, including mold, bacteria, pollen, and dander.

Windsor Vacuum Bags by Janitized

Janitized is proud to offer a wide range of replacement Windsor vacuum bags and filters to companies across the country that chooses this brand for their cleaning equipment. Our extensive line of aftermarket vacuum filters and bags designed to fit Windsor models is the reason companies choose us as their vacuum filter supplier.

We offer aftermarket vacuum filters and bags designed to fit the following Windsor vacuum models:

  • Windsor VP10 BackPack
  • Windsor Sensor *, Sensor 2, Sensor XP
  • Windsor Versamatic *
  • Windsor Versamatic * Plus
  • Windsor Allstar * Javelin * 12 Series
  • Windsor TrekVac *
  • Windsor Vac Pac *
  • Windsor Wave * & NuWave *

If you’re looking for high-quality replacement filters for your Windsor cleaning equipment, Janitized can help. We will help you find the right vacuum filter for your machine and stand behind our products with our Blue Ribbon Product Warranty.

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