Melt-blown for use in commercial grade vacuum filters and bags.

What is melt-blowing?

Melt blowing is a process for producing a polypropylene fiber from polymers or resins using high-velocity air or other appropriate forces to produce continuous filaments into a random laid nonwoven fabric.

Traditional fabrics use threads made of materials like cotton, polyester, nylon, etc,  that are woven or knitted together, whereas melt-blowns are made using polymers that are transformed into thin web like fibers bound together using heat, chemicals or mechanical interlocking.

Why are nonwoven melt blown fabrics used in filters?

Melt-blown fabrics consist of smaller submicron filaments, and have superior filtration properties. When these fabrics are used in the manufacturing of vacuum filters and filter bags, fewer particles are allowed to escape.

The end user is more protected from these submicron particles that may otherwise escape through paper-based filter bags.

Paper-based filter bags are manufactured using natural materials like cellulose pulp. These fibers are larger is size and diameter and when laid, the pore size is much larger compared to melt-blown. This allows for more particles to flow through them.

Janitized® aftermarket vacuum bags use melt blown fabrics:

All Janitized® brand products use melt-blown fabrics, for example:

Our aftermarket Fuller* vacuum filters which are made using 2-ply paper & melt-blown combined with a 3-ply high efficient micro filter media.

Our micro-filtration filter bags also use melt-blown, helping to improve efficiency by reducing the number of micro particles that escape through the bag into the air.

Our Bissell * replacement filters are manufactured using a variety of materials including 2 Ply Combination Paper & Melt-blown-Micro-Filter.

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