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Replacement Vacuum Bags for Perfect Vac*

Janitized is a leader in the aftermarket vacuum filter industry. As a brand name of replacement cleaning equipment bags and filters, we know how important quality and reliability is for these products. We offer aftermarket vacuum filters and vacuum bags for the industry’s most prominent cleaning equipment brands.

We’re always working to expand our product offerings to bring our clients what they need. One line we’re currently expanding is our Perfect Vac* aftermarket vacuum bags. We offer a range of replacement vacuum bags for Perfect Vac* vacuum models and are always looking to add more!

Janitized currently offers high efficiency vacuum filter bags, standard vacuum bags and compostable vacuum filter bags for Perfect Vac* models.

Perfect Vac* Replacement Filter Models

We currently provide replacement vacuum bags and filters for the following Perfect Vac* models:

  • Perfect Vac* Dual Motor Upright, Model DM101
  • Perfect Vac* Models P103 & P104
  • Perfect Vac* PB1001 10 Qt. Backpack
  • Perfect Vac* PB1006 6 Qt. Backpack

Keep an eye on our new product announcements to find out when we add new aftermarket vacuum filters to our Perfect Vac* lineup!

Choose Janitized as Your Supplier

Working with subpar aftermarket cleaning equipment products causes problems for the staff, the company, and the equipment itself. Longer maintenance time, more downtime, and inefficient cleaning are just some of the consequences of using aftermarket products that are not up to the right standards.

With Janitized, you know you’re choosing the best aftermarket vacuum filter for your Perfect Vac* cleaning equipment. We offer a Blue Ribbon Product Warranty on all our Perfect Vac* replacement vacuum filters to back up our customer service and quality products.

All our replacement vacuum bags are designed to provide up to 50% more airflow with a 55% longer filter life. Our standard filter bags offer at least 99% microfiltration down to 0.3 microns.

Contact our customer service representatives to see how we can help you!

Contact Janitized for Perfect Vac* Replacement Vacuum Filters

Contact us to get more information about our aftermarket vacuum bags for your Perfect Vac* vacuum model.

Call us at 1-888-689-1235 X226 or send us a message through our online contact form. We’re here to help you find the right aftermarket vacuum bag.


* indicates a registered trademark of the original equipment manufacturer

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