Janitized is a leading manufacturer of commercial-grade, aftermarket vacuum bags and filters. We offer an extensive line of vacuum bags and filters to fit many Dustbane models.

We design and manufacture our products with commercial cleaning companies in mind. We are dedicated to providing our customers with the most comprehensive selection of vacuum filters and accessories on the market in North America and across the globe.

When you work with Janitized, you can expect high performance and extraordinary quality from your vacuum bags and vacuum filters.

The Janitized Difference

Janitized vacuum bags and filters are designed to provide up to 40% more air flow and have a 55% longer filter life. Our replacement vacuum bags and filters meet and exceed a wide range of OEM specifications.

Janitized aftermarket vacuum bags and filters are chosen over and over by wholesalers, distributors, and end-users alike for their strength, warranties, and filtration quality.

Our vacuum bags offer 99% microfiltration down to 0.3 microns, helping to keep both surfaces clean and air quality high. Every one of our products is backed by our Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee and Blue Ribbon Product Warranty.

We are dedicated to providing only the best Dustbane replacement vacuum filters and bags to our customers around the world.

Dustbane Replacement Vacuum Filters Models by Janitized

Janitized offers aftermarket Dustbane vacuum filters and vacuum bags for a variety of Dustbane models. These filters are made of a variety of high efficiency materials, including paper and meltblown micro filter cases and 4-ply high efficiency micro filter cases.

Dustbane offers a variety of vacuum models, including backpacks, hip vacs, and more. Our replacement vacuum filters and bags fit the following models:

  • Dustbane * Fast Track * Back Vac * Model: 27100 Backpack High Efficiency Dome Motor Filter – 27106
  • Dustbane * Fast Track * Back Vac * Model: 27100 Backpack High Efficiency Vacuum Filter Bag – 27102
  • Dustbane * Fast Track * Back Vac Models: 27100 & 28405 & Hip Vac * Model: 28404 Vacuum Filter Bag – 10-0197-A
  • Dustbane * Targa * 660 & 990 , XL12 & XL18 Models: 28542 – 28547 Vacuum Filter Bag – 28502
  • Dustbane * Targa * Enviro Vac * & 330 : Models 28540 & 28541 Vacuum Filter Bag – 28501

Trust Janitized as your reliable source of top quality aftermarket Dustbane vacuum filters and bags.

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* indicates a registered trademark of the original equipment manufacturer.