ProTeam* is a manufacturer of high quality commercial vacuum cleaners around the world. With many models and sizes of vacuums available, ProTeam* is many professionals’ number one choice for cleaning equipment.  Janitized brand has many aftermarket products designed to fit ProTeam machines.

A high quality vacuum demands high quality filters. That’s why Janitized Brand offers a variety of replacement ProTeam* vacuum bags & filters that are equal to or better than the OEM!

ProTeam*: The Cleaning Equipment You Trust

ProTeam* offers a wide variety of vacuums suitable for industrial, commercial, institutional and residential cleaning. Upright vacuums, cannisters, cordless and backpack vacs all provide their own benefits for different cleaning situations.

Some ProTeam* vacuums come equipped with HEPA filters for commercial or industrial spaces that require floors and surfaces to be cleaned thoroughly.

Vacuum cleaners like the ProTeam* SuperCoach,  SuperCoach Pro and QuarterVac are some of the best known vacuum models for commercial cleaning. We have replacement bags as well as the vacuum filters designed to fit all of these models!

Get the Best ProTeam* Vacuum Bags for Your Equipment

Janitized aftermarket vacuum bags & filters supply cleaning companies and distributors around the world with replacement ProTeam* vacuum bags and vacuum filters. All our aftermarket ProTeam* vacuum bags offer at least 99% microfiltration down to 0.3 microns, with our aftermarket ProTeam* HEPA filters offering at least 99.97% filtration to 0.3 microns.

We take pride in supplying the highest quality aftermarket vacuum filters for ProTeam* cleaning equipment. Our vacuum filters offer up to 40% more airflow, a 55% increased filter life, and are up to 46% stronger than OEM bags.

When you choose Janitized brand as your ProTeam* vacuum bag source, you’re choosing the best name in aftermarket vacuum filtration. Contact Janitized Customer Service today for more information about our aftermarket ProTeam* vacuum bags.

* indicates a registered trademark of the original equipment manufacturer