ProTeam is one of the most trusted names in commercial vacuuming and cleaning. Since 1983, they have been dedicated to creating efficient and powerful vacuums and cleaning equipment for businesses around the world. In the commercial industry, ProTeam is often the choice of cleaning professionals. It’s known for its productivity, ergonomic design, sustainability, and positive cost of ownership.

Janitized® is proud to offer aftermarket ProTeam filters and bags for a variety of ProTeam vacuum models, including the popular MegaVac, ProForce, QuarterVac, and Super Coach Pro lines. These are some of the most popular ProTeam vacuum models for the commercial cleaning industry and Janitized is proud to offer aftermarket filters for all of them and more!

ProTeam Super Coach Pro

ProTeam Super Coach Pro is a backpack vacuum used to clean large spaces easily and quickly. The articulating harness is comfortable, flexible, and helps make the vacuum feel like a part of your body, instead of a bulky piece of equipment.

The extendable wand makes cleaning hard-to-reach places a breeze, and the lightweight backpack helps keep your employees healthy and safe. The filter and bag are easy to change out, allowing the ProTeam Super Coach Pro to have minimal downtime and maintenance costs.

View aftermarket ProTeam filters for Super Coach Pro vacs here.

ProTeam MegaVac

The ProTeam MegaVac backpack vacuum can power through the toughest industrial and construction clean-up jobs. The MegaVac converts to a blower with no additional accessories, and without compromising filtration, to help gather debris and dust for easier clean up outdoors.

The advanced filtration system within the ProTeam MegaVac ensures that microscopic dust and debris are captured and not released back into the environment, making it perfect for construction clean-up. If you’re looking for cleaning equipment for construction or other outdoor areas, the ProTeam MegaVac backpack can provide solutions for you.

View aftermarket ProTeam filters for MegaVac here.

ProTeam QuarterVac & Super HalfVac

ProTeam’s QuarterVac and Super HalfVac vacuums both offer powerful filtration and cleaning. They are versatile and compact while providing high performance.

The 6 qt. backpack &  hip vacs provide a flexible commercial cleaning solution for those who need more compact machines, or for businesses with less robust cleaning needs. Just like the ProTeam 10 Qt. backpack models, the bags are easy to change on all models.

View aftermarket ProTeam filters for QuarterVac and Super HalfVac here.

ProTeam ProForce

ProTeam’s ProForce 1200 & 1500 XP upright vacuums provide exceptional cleaning and filtration.  These are top-of-the-line upright vacuums made for high performance.

View aftermarket ProTeam filters for ProForce here.

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