Janitized provides aftermarket commercial vacuum filters and bags for the cleaning industry’s largest brands. Among these is Nilfisk*, one of the leaders in commercial cleaning equipment that supplies and manufactures vacuums for a variety of industries that rely on a powerful clean.

Cleaning companies and professionals rely on Nilfisk’s commercial vacuums cleaners & floor machines. Their cleaning equipment is designed to clean quickly and efficiently, providing a deep clean. Their design allows them to be used in warehouses, hospitals, and other sensitive areas.

At Janitized, we’re proud to offer a large line of aftermarket Nilfisk vacuum filters and bags for a variety of their models.

Nilfisk Commercial Vacuum Cleaners

Nilfisk* commercial vacuum cleaners and floor machines are suitable for a variety of industries and they have made their mark as the efficient, durable, and multipurpose brand for commercial cleaning.

Just some of the industries where Nilfisk commercial vacuums are used include:

  • Automotive
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Paper
  • Parks
  • Wood
  • Retail
  • Electronics
  • Food

Each industry has unique needs and standards that may be required by law to follow. Nilfisk cleaning equipment requires the right maintenance, parts, and filters to keep it running smoothly and keep its efficiencies up to industry standard. Whether you use a Nilfisk commercial vacuum cleaner, upright vacuum cleaner, or floor machine, you need to trust that your aftermarket filters are up to the task for your Nilfisk machine!

Aftermarket Nilfisk Vacuum Filters from Janitized

If you’re looking for the highest quality aftermarket vacuum filters and bags for your commercial Nilfisk vacuum cleaner, Janitized can help. We are proud to offer an extensive range of replacement Nilfisk vacuum bags and filters. Whether you’re looking for standard aftermarket filters, HEPA filters, or compostable filters, Janitized has you covered with the quality you need.

For more information about our commercial aftermarket Nilfisk vacuum filters, contact us today!

*Registered trademark of the original equipment manufacturer, which may not endorse the use of aftermarket filters in its products.