At Janitized® we are committed to providing our customers with a comprehensive selection of the most innovative vacuum bags and accessories available on the market today. As North America’s leading manufacturer of aftermarket vacuum bags and accessories, you can expect extraordinary quality, performance, and service from Janitized®.

Our products include an extensive line of vacuum bags and filters custom designed to fit many Nilfisk/Advance models. Nilfisk/Advance is a popular brand among North American commercial cleaning companies, with its wide variety of backpack, upright, and canister vacuum models.

Nilfisk/Advance Vacuum Models

Janitized® is proud to offer high quality, “commercial grade” replacement bags and filters for Nilfisk/Advance models, including:

  • Advance ReliaVac Models
  • Advance Spectrum S12, D12, S15, D15 CarpetMaster
  • Advance VU500
  • Advance Adgility 10QT. Backpack
  • Advance Power One 12 and 15 Models
  • Advance L/A One 114 & 118
  • Nilfisk GD930/950, UZ30, Z970, DP9000 Models
  • Nilfisk CarpeTwin Upright 14/18 Models
  • Nilfisk HipVac UZ964
  • Nilfisk Whirlamatic VS20
  • Nilfisk Backuum, Backpack XP
  • Nilfisk Carpetriever 28
  • Nilfisk CarpeTwin 16XP/20XP & GoVac Models

All of our Nilfisk/Advance vacuum bags and vacuum filters are guaranteed to provide up to 40% more air flow, 55% longer filter life, and 99% micro-filtration. Janitized® is dedicated to providing only the best replacement Nilfisk/Advance vacuum bags and filters to our customers!

Compostable Nilfisk/Advance Vacuum Bags

At Janitized®, being an industry leader means more than just offering top quality products. It also means offering innovative, environmentally sustainable products that our customers can be proud to use. Our compostable vacuum bags, made from 100% renewable resources, are available for the following Nilfisk/Advance models:

  • Advance Adgility 10QT. Backpack models
  • Advance Spectrum S12, D12, S15, D15 & GU CarpetMaster models

Our compostable vacuum bags help to significantly reduce landfill waste, and provide our customers with an easy, no-hassle “green” alternative to traditional commercial cleaning practices.

Nilfisk/Advance Cloth Vacuum Bags and Filters

Janitized® also manufactures and distributes an extensive selection of reusable “commercial grade” cloth vacuum bags and filters, designed to meet or exceed OEM filter specifications.

Our cotton, and SMS-lined cotton vacuum bags are available for the following Nilfisk upright models:

  • Nilfisk ReliaVac 12HP and 16HP models

All of our high quality cloth vacuum bags and filters are backed by our Blue Ribbon Product Warranty and Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee, ensuring that our customers get the absolute best out of their Janitized® products.

Our Commitment to You

Our products are specifically designed for the makes and models of vacuum cleaner used by commercial cleaning companies. For a full list of our products, please visit our replacement vacuum filter catalog.

Contact us today to learn more about our assortment of Nilfisk/Advance vacuum cleaner bags and Nilfisk/Advance vacuum filters, or to place an order.

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