How Can Vacuums Help Improve Indoor Air Quality?

When you think of the conventional uses of vacuums, you generally think of cleaning the floors of your home. However, vacuuming serves other critical services, such as air filtration. ​Research indicates that people spend approximately ​90 percent of their time indoors which is very important to reduce the number of pet dander, harmful pathogens and allergens in the air. When people get exposed to indoor air pollutants they are most susceptible to the effects of indoor air pollution.
These pollutants are exposed everywhere indoors as they settle on furniture and carpeting daily which is why vacuuming plays a key role in air quality.
Janitized® offers a variety of commercial vacuum bags and filters to fit the needs of the cleaning industry. From vacuums, to sweepers, to scrubbers, to restoration equipment, to heavy-duty janitorial equipment and more, Janitized® has a replacement bag or filter that can get even the toughest jobs done.
We are proud to be industry leaders in the commercial vacuum bag and vacuum filtration industry, and the high quality of our products speaks to that. Learn more about the different commercial ​vacuum filters and bag products​ available by Janitized®.

HEPA Vacuum Bags

HEPA vacuum bags remove 99.97% of particles as small as 0.3 microns, which is ​about 240 times smaller than a human hair!​ These vacuum bags are completely sealed that ​force all of the air and pollutants from leaving the vacuum. HEPA is ​ perfect if you need to remove fine particles like allergens, bacteria, or mold. Get premium filtration for your toughest cleaning jobs!

Cloth Vacuum Bags

Cloth vacuum bags are designed for heavy industrial or commercial cleaning. They are robust, durable, and long lasting to ensure optimal performance. Lasting longer than a paper filter, they
have a large surface area to trap particles without getting clogged quickly. They can be designed with multiple filtration levels in order to catch both large and small particles easily.
Our replacement cloth vacuum cleaner bags are designed for a variety of commercial cleaning applications. They come in cotton, cotton with SMS lining, and SMS. They come in a variety of sizes with options for upright and backpack units. Our cloth filters meet or exceed OEM filter specifications and are robust enough to handle any commercial cleaning job.

Compostable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Janitized® designs and manufactures the first compostable vacuum cleaner bags to be validated by the Underwriters Laboratories. They are in line with government regulations and meet the Federal Trade Commission Green Guidelines.
If the environment and sustainability is important to your company, or you have company policies that you want to meet, our compostable vacuum cleaner bags are perfect for your cleaning and janitorial equipment. All packaging and materials are made from 100% renewable resources that are designed to biodegrade. This reduces the number of resources entering our landfills and lowers the waste produced.
We offer these groundbreaking replacement compostable bags for a variety of vacuum models.

High-Efficiency Vacuum Bags

High-efficiency vacuum bags refer to filters with better durability and a longer lifespan in more demanding applications. They also have better energy efficiency, meaning you save money on filter costs and energy expenses in the long run. These filters are perfect for environments where a high level of filtration is necessary to remove small particles from the air.

Other Commercial Vacuum Bags for Your Cleaning Needs

Janitized® also offers other filter types for janitorial equipment and commercial applications, such as combination paper & meltblown bags, 1-ply paper vacuum bags, panel filters, and exhaust & motor filters. All of our commercial filters meet the highest standards for cleanliness and filtration. We offer a variety of filters for dozens of the industry’s top vacuum brands to keep your commercial or industrial space safe and clean for employees and clients. Our filters are perfect for schools, healthcare facilities, offices, warehouses, malls, fitness facilities, hotels, and many more locations.
No matter what your cleaning needs are, Janitized® can find a vacuum bag or filtration solution that’s right for you. Cloth vacuum bags, compostable vacuum bags, high-efficiency filters, or any other of our specialized vacuum filtration options will help keep your indoor air quality.