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HEPA Filters Helping Fight Covid-19

HEPA Filters at Janitized

The Covid-19 pandemic (Coronavirus) has sparked great awareness on indoor air quality, and the appropriate precautions to mitigate the spread of this virus. Experts are saying the virus can last two days on the soles of shoes. As sneezing, coughing and wiping down, much of it ends up on the floor. That’s why it is extremely important to be vacuuming the floors. You want to make sure you are capturing the virus and why using a HEPA filter vacuum is imperative.

We at Janitized can turn many Vacuums and Backpacks into a HEPA vac with using a Janitized HEPA filter.

 See below Janitized HEPA filters and the machines to use them in.

JAN-IVF459-HEPA Filter -fits: Karcher/Tornado CV30, CV38, CV48

JAN-IVF466- HEPA Filter-fits: ProTeam Super Coach 6&10qt, Go Free Pro, ProVac,

JAN-HVF074 High Efficiency Dome Filter- use in conjunction with 466 on all ProTeam Back Packs

JAN-IVF505- HEPA Filter- fits: Advance Agility 6 & 10qt, Clarke Comfort Vac 6 & 10qt, EuroClean Back Pack 6 & 10 qt

JAN-IVF457- HEPA Filter- fits: Advance Spectrum, Clarke CarpetMaster

JAN-IVF287-HEPA Filter-fits: EuroClean 930, Nilfisk/Advance GD930

HEPA Filters provide 99.97% efficiency @0.3

Janitized also provides HEPA Filters for Dr-Eaz and Phoenix brands Air Scrubbers for the Restoration Market. If interested in those, contact your Janitized Rep or call APC Filtration at


Watch How To Install HEPA Into Your Vacuum!

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