Advance cleaning equipment and vacuums are some of the commercial cleaning industry’s most reliable machines. Manufactured by Nilfisk, Advance floor machines, vacuums, sweeper scrubbers, and other specialty products are used around the world in industries that require deep cleaning.

Whether you use Advance cleaning equipment for a commercial industry like healthcare, education, or retail, or an industrial application like in a warehouse, factory, or manufacturing plant, you need your aftermarket equipment to keep up with your machine. Advance offers a number of industries unique cleaning solutions to keep up with their heavy demand!

Advance Equipment Industry Solutions

Industrial Sweepers

Advance offers a number of industrial sweepers with different specifications to fit in a variety of industries with varying requirements. Whether your organization has sustainability requirements, OSHA requirements, or strict regulations involving indoor air quality and worker standards, Advance has a sweeper that can help.

Advance sweepers feature paths from 26 inches up to 78 inches wide, adaptable to all surfaces and conditions. Easy maintenance helps to reduce machine downtime and the high quality and durable construction means the sweeper machines will work efficiently for years to come. In industrial settings, this flexibility and durability is especially important.

HEPA Filters for Healthcare

Cleaning equipment for healthcare facilities is particularly critical. Maintaining a hygienic environment while also upkeeping productive and efficient equipment is key to allow both employees and patients to work and stay comfortably. Advance vacuums and cleaning equipment for hospitals and other healthcare facilities leave floors clean, dry, and safe to prevent accidents and the spread of dirt and germs.

HEPA filters in Advance sweepers, scrubbers, and vacuums remove a minimum of 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns. These help to ensure the highest surface clean, higher air quality, and help keep patients safe from the transmission of germs.

Vacuums for Commercial Industries

Schools, universities, retail locations, restaurants, government, and more – all of these places require high quality and efficient cleaning equipment. Whether a specific business has specific sanitation and disinfection requirements or sets its own high standards, Advance cleaning equipment and Advance vacuums can stand up to the challenges. They are suitable for any heavily frequented area on flooring or carpet, and help to ensure the highest indoor air quality for customers and employees.

Whether your business needs a rider model, and upright, a backpack, or a combination of these for the ideal clean, Advance has a vacuum model for your business.

Robust Outdoor Equipment

Outdoor cleaning equipment needs to function differently than indoor equipment. For outdoor cleaning of areas with concrete or asphalt, like airport tarmacs, city streets, sidewalks, and parks, cleaning equipment needs to be robust to stand up to rougher terrain. Advance provides a full line of street sweepers, industrial scrubbers, vacuum sweepers, and recovery systems that can be used in outdoor applications without causing damage to the equipment.

Replacement Advance Filters and Bags by Janitized

Janitized offers high quality aftermarket Advance filters and vacuum bags to keep your Advance equipment running like new. We offer replacement Advance standard filters, HEPA filters, and compostable filters for your needs. Our extensive range of aftermarket Advance products meet or exceed OEM standards and give our clients the quality they need.

For more information about our commercial aftermarket Advance vacuum bags and filters, contact us! Our customer service team can help find the right Advance filters for your cleaning equipment.

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