HEPA Filters for Air-Scrubbers and Negative Air Machines

Earlier this year Texas was hit with a terrible snowstorm, and since their infrastructure is not built to manage such large snow falls, the effects have been devastating. Power outages were a primary threat, then with the warmer weather and the snow melting many Texans are now dealing with flooding, leaks, and mold.

Those who live in the South are not used to these conditions, nor is the widespread infrastructure designed to respond to this type of emergency. The storm has left many businesses and homeowners dealing with costly repairs and widespread damage. One of those damages, which may not be as visible as others is mold and bad bacteria. Since these effects are not visible like other damage it likely goes unnoticed and untreated. The use of air scrubbers and HEPA filters, could potentially save lives, especially with COVID-19 currently adding additional threat to our respiratory systems.

When excessive water or moisture enters the building, it is important to dry any wet materials to help reduce the growth of mold. This includes everything from carpets and furniture, to drywall and insulation.

While drying out the excess moisture can reduce the occurrence of mold it’s likely that there are still airborne mold spores in the air that can irritate lungs, worsen allergies, and have terrible effects on the respiratory system. Additionally, even without any flooding or noticeable leaks, most buildings are conducive to some mold, moisture, and other airborne irritants that we may not be aware of, therefore air scrubbers and negative air machines using HEPA filters are so important to have in every business.

To help reduce airborne mold spores, air scrubbers and negative air machines with HEPA filters can help draw out the poor-quality air and irritants and circulate clean air back into the building. HEPA filters can capture airborne particles including mold spores that may be lingering in the air, as well as smoke and small dust particles.

It’s important, now more than ever, for us to protect our respiratory systems and take the best care of ourselves to prevent long-term health issues.

By using air scrubbers with high-grade HEPA filters in our businesses, schools, hospitals, even our homes. We can help protect the lungs and respiratory health of employees, customers, patients, and ourselves.

At Janitized® we offer a large range of HEPA filters that can be used in various air purifier systems. See below for a list of recommended Janitized® products that will purify the air by reducing mold and bacteria as well as odors.


JAN-HVAC140 – Janitized® Dri-Eaz DefendAir HEPA Filter
JAN-HVAC185 – Janitized® Dri-Eaz Stage 1 Prefilter
JAN-HVAC186 – Janitized® Dri-Eaz Stage 2 Prefilter
JAN-HVAC187 – Janitized® Dri-Eaz Carbon Prefilte

Janitized® Phoenix GuardianR Pro HEPA

JAN-HVAC180 – Janitized® Phoenix GuardianR Pro HEPA Filter
JAN-HVAC184 – Janitized® Phoenix Guardian V Bank HEPA
JAN-HVAC245 – Janitized® Phoenix GaurdianR Pro Carbon PreFilter
JAN-HVAC246 – Janitized® Phoenix* Guardian R Prefilter
JAN-HVAC247 – Janitized® Phoenix* R Prefilter

For further information contact your Janitized® Representative. Place an order by calling us at 1-888-689-1235 or emailing us at customerservice@apcfilters.com