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Types of Vacuum Filters and Bags

Janitized® offers a variety of aftermarket commercial vacuum bags and filters to fit the needs of the cleaning industry. From vacuums, to sweepers, to scrubbers, to restoration equipment, to heavy-duty janitorial equipment and more, Janitized® has a replacement bag or filter that can get even the toughest jobs done.

We are proud to be industry leaders in the aftermarket commercial vacuum bag and vacuum filtration industry, and the high quality of our products speak to that. Learn more about the different commercial vacuum filters and bag products available by Janitized®.

Janitized® Vacuum Bags

Our Janitized® 2-ply and 3-ply vacuum bags are designed for commercial cleaning. Made from a combination paper & meltblown material, they capture 99% of sub-micron dust particles and allergens. Lasting longer than paper filters, they meet or exceed OEM product specification providing up to 40% more vacuum cleaner suction, up to 55% more dust loading area and up to 46% more tear strength vs genuine OEM filter bags. They come in a variety of sizes with options for upright, canister and backpack units.

Compostable Vacuum Cleaner Bags

Janitized® designs and manufactures the first compostable vacuum cleaner bags to be approved and validated by Underwriters Laboratories and to earn the Certified Biobased Product Certification and Label from the USDA.custom vacuum bags

If the environment and sustainability is important to your establishment, or you have “green” requirements that you want to meet, our compostable vacuum cleaner bags are perfect for your cleaning and janitorial equipment. Although Compostable, this 4-ply commercial paper bag ensures that you don’t sacrifice quality for environmentally friendly.  All packaging and materials (including the ink!) are made from 100% renewable resources that are designed to biodegrade thus reducing the amount of resources entering our landfills.

We offer these groundbreaking replacement compostable bags for a variety of vacuum models.

High Efficiency Vacuum Bags

High efficiency vacuum bags refer to filters are micro lined offering better durability and higher filtration than our 2 & 3 ply bags in more demanding applications. They also have better energy efficiency, meaning you save money on filter costs and energy expenses in the long run. These filters are perfect for environments where a high level of filtration is necessary to remove small particles from the air.

For the most difficult of environments, we offer HEPA filters that remove 99.97% of particles at 0.3 microns. These filters are perfect if you need to remove fine particles like allergens, bacteria, or mold from your work environment. Get premium filtration for your toughest cleaning jobs!

Other Commercial Vacuum Bags for Your Cleaning Needs

Janitized® also offers other filter types for janitorial equipment and commercial applications, such as cloth bags, 1-ply paper vacuum bags, panel filters, and exhaust & motor filters. All of our commercial filters meet the highest standards for cleanliness and filtration. We offer a variety of filters for dozens of the industry’s top vacuum brands to keep your commercial or industrial space safe and clean for employees and clients. Our filters are perfect for schools, healthcare facilities, offices, warehouses, malls, fitness facilities, hotels, and many more locations.

No matter what your cleaning needs are, Janitized® replacement vacuum bags will do the job right!

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