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Replacement Windsor* Vacuum Filters and Bags

Manufactured by APC Filtration Inc., Janitized® vacuum bags and filters are the industry’s first and most comprehensive line of “Commercial Grade” aftermarket filters for the industry’s leading brands. We maintain the industry’s highest standards for quality to ensure you’re getting the most efficient and powerful vacuum filter.

We offer replacement vacuum bags and filters for a wide range of Windsor* vacuum models. Being up to 46% stronger than Geuine OEM bags with up to a 55% longer filter life, we know our vacuum bags and filters will help you get the best clean possible. Janitized® brand is continuously expanding and improving to offer you the best replacement vacuum bags and filters.

Replacement Windsor* Vacuum Bags – Models

Janitized® aftermarket vacuum bags & filters are designed to fit a variety of Windsor*models:

Our compostable vacuum bags are the first to be validated by Underwriters Laboratories and earn the Certified Biobased Product Certification from the USDA. We offer the following aftermarket, compostable vacuum bags for Windsor* models:

Get Windsor* Replacement Vacuum Bags by Janitized®

At Janitized®, we offer the best quality aftermarket Windsor* vacuum bags and filters. Our vacuum bags meet or exceed OEM specifications to provide you with the best clean possible.

Our products are supported by our Blue Ribbon Product Warranty and Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee. We stand behind our products and you can trust that we’re providing the highest quality filters and bags possible.

Contact Us for Aftermarket Windsor* Vacuum Bags

Contact us today to learn more about our aftermarket Windsor* vacuum bags and filters.

Call 1-888-689-1235 X226 to speak to a representative!


*Trademark or Registered Trademark of Original Equipment Manufacturer, which may not endorse the use of aftermarket filters in its products.

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