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Replacement NSS* Vacuum Bags and Filters

Janitized® is an industry leader in premium quality commercial vacuum filter and bags. We manufacture “commercial grade” aftermarket vacuum filters for a variety of products and prominent brands. At Janitized®, we follow the industry’s highest standards for quality and safety to ensure you get the most efficient, long-lasting product possible.

Our dedication to quality is clear in our line of NSS* replacement vacuum bags. We manufacture NSS* replacement vacuum bags for a wide range of products. We hope to continue expanding this line in the future to serve our customers better.

NSS* Replacement Vacuum Bags – Models

Janitized® is proud to offer replacement NSS* vacuum bags and filters designed to fit:

We provide replacement vacuum filters in a variety of materials, including HEPA and compostable. Our HEPA vacuum filters are certified to remove 99.97% of particles at 0.3 micron, which is the hardest particle size to filter and removes dust, allergens, mold, and more.

Janitized® compostable vacuum bags are the first vacuum bags to be validated by Underwriters Laboratories and earn the Certified Biobased Product Certification from the USDA. Mosquito* SuperVac* Filters by Janitized®

Get Janitized® NSS* Replacement Vacuum Filters

Janitized® replacement NSS* vacuum bags meet and/or exceed OEM product specifications. They are up to 46% stronger than Genuine OEM bags with up to a 55% increased filter life compared to Genuine OEM bags. We manufacture and provide the best quality aftermarket NSS* replacement vacuum filters.

We stand behind all our products with our Blue Ribbon Product Warranty and Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee. You can rely on Janitized® to provide the highest quality products and best customer service in the industry!

Contact Us

Contact us to learn more about our expanded line of replacement NSS* vacuum bags. We can help you find the right filter for your NSS* vacuum!

Call 1-888-689-1235 X226 to speak to a representative or use our online contact form today!

*Trademark or Registered Trademark of Original Equipment Manufacturer, which may not endorse the use of aftermarket filters in its products.

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