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Proteam Vacuum Bags

Replacement ProTeam Vacuum Bags

Janitized® manufactures a comprehensive selection of high quality replacement bags for ProTeam vacuums. We are recognized in the industry as the preferred manufacturer of premium performance filters and vacuum bags for commercial cleaning.

Our selection of “commercial grade” vacuum filters and bags are designed to meet the most exacting industry standards for innovation, safety, and health and are trusted by professional cleaners around the world. We’re also proud of our commitment to “green cleaning” with a range of environmentally-friendly compostable vacuum bags.

In keeping with this commitment to excellence, we proudly feature an extensive selection of replacement ProTeam vacuum bags and ProTeam vacuum filters.

ProTeam Vacuum Models

Founded in 1987, ProTeam is an innovative company creating products that allow cleaning professionals to work quickly and efficiently. ProTeam led the way in creating the ergonomic and lightweight backpack vacuum cleaners that professionals today rely on consistently.

Janitized manufactures a comprehensive selection of ProTeam vacuum bags and ProTeam vacuum filters, designed to fit models, including:

ProTeam Backpack vacuum bags

  • 6Qt. Super Coach Pro™, GoFree Pro & ProVac FS
  • 10 Qt. Super Coach Pro™
  • Sierra & Lil Hummer II (Open top bag)
  • Lil Hummer (Closed top bag)
  • QuarterVac, Alpine Vac, & QuietPro
  • Hummer XL BackPacks 103218, 103219 &103244 Vacs & Everest Back Vac (Green Line) & Speedster 600 Series
  • Mega Vac
  • LineVacer

ProTeam Hipster vacuum bags

  • TailVac
  • Half Vac

ProTeam Canister vacuum bags

  • QuietPro CN, ProClean, RunningVac/Pro CN & Sequoia

Proteam Uprights

  • ProLux, ProForce 1200XP, ProForce 1500 & ProForce 1500XP, ProCare 15 & 15XP


Compostable ProTeam Vacuum Bags

Janitized is proud to be the first to manufacture a compostable vacuum bag with UL (Underwriter Laboratories) certification. These bags are made from 100% renewable resources, can be recycled and will biodegrade when aerobically composted.

We offer compostable vacuum bags for the following ProTeam vacuum cleaner models:

  • ProTeam 10 Qt. CoachVac, MegaVac, Super CoachVac & Super CoachVac HEPA


ProTeam Vacuum Motor and Exhaust Filters

  • Dome Motor Vacuum Filter, JAN-IVF018DF
  • Dome Motor Vacuum Filter (high-efficiency), JAN-HVF074


ProTeam Vacuum Micro Cloth Filter

  • 6 Qt. Micro Cloth Vacuum Filter – TailVac, QuarterVac, Aviator, ProVac & QuietPRO
  • 10 Qt. Micro Cloth Vacuum Filter – CoachVac, Super CoachVac, MegaVac, LineVacer

Janitized works for you!

Janitized stands behind our products, offering the industry’s first Blue Ribbon Product Warranty and Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee.

Call us at 1-888-689-1235 X226 to speak with one of our friendly associates or use the online form to get in touch. We’d be happy to tell you more about the range of ProTeam vacuum products and help you find the right products for your commercial cleaning needs.

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