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Why You Should Prioritize Air Filtration In The Winter

Regardless of the industry you’re in, good air quality is important for employee health, as well as productivity and performance. Poor air quality has been shown to reduce productivity (as much as nearly 10%) and employee satisfaction, which negatively impacts your bottom line. One problem with indoor air quality is that it tends to get worse in the winter, which means extra care is required during this time to ensure that air quality remains high.

Why You Should Prioritize Air Filtration in the Winter

Air quality decreases in the winter due to several factors, such as the fact that windows are open much less because of the cold. To avoid the negative effects of poor air quality, it is important that air filtration and circulation remain a priority during the winter months.

How to Prioritize Air Filtration in the Winter

To keep the air quality at satisfactory levels during the winter months, the following steps should be taken.

  • Change Your Filters Regularly (and Opt for HEPA filters)

    All your filters should be changed regularly during the winter months, from your HVAC filter to the filters in your vacuum. You should opt for HEPA filters, because they are one of the most powerful filters you can buy. When the filters in your HVAC system are not changed regularly, they collect dust and other bacteria, and effectively disperse it back into the air. Failure to change your filters can also shorten the lifespan of your HVAC. Make it a priority to regularly change your HVAC and vacuum filters.

  • More Frequent Cleaning

    It is also important to clean your business more in the winter months because dust, bacteria, and so on build up much more quickly. The emphasis here should be on dusting and vacuuming. Sanitization can also reduce the spread of workplace germs and bacteria, decreasing employee sick days.

  • Increased Ventilation

    If you can occasionally open the windows, this will allow the air to circulate, and improve air quality as a result.

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