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Nobles/Tennant/Castex Vacuum Bags and Filters

Janitized® has an on-going commitment to offer the largest range of replacement commercial vacuum cleaner bags in the industry. Included in our diverse range of vacuum products, are a wide selection of Nobles/Tennant/Castex vacuum bags.  We are proud to offer you this selection for your commercial use.

Commercial cleaning demands strength, quality, and affordability.  Janitized® brand vacuum bags & filters delivers on all three. We know you face tough cleaning jobs every day, which is why Janitized® offers the superior performance solutions you need.

Nobles/Tennant/Castex Vacuum Bags

Janitized® manufactures replacement vacuum bags and filters for a variety of Nobles/Tennant/Castex brand floor cleaners. Our selection includes bags and filters for uprights, backpacks, canisters, and other vacuum styles.

Nobles/Tennant/Castex Vacuum Models

  • Nobles Lite Trac
  • Tennant Viper
  • Whirlwind
  • Blue Star 16″ Dual Motor Vac
  • V-HDU-14
  • Nobles Magna Twin
  • Nobles S-Vac
  • Tennant Model 3240 & 3260
  • Blue Star 22″ Dual Motor
  • V-BP-10
  • Tennant V-SMU-14 & V-DMU-14
  • Nobles Magna Twin 3000
  • Tennant Model 3280 Wide Area Vac
  • V-BP-6 Vacuum Cleaner
  • Tidy-Vac Canister Model #607961
  • Tennant 3400
  • Tennant V Canister Dry
  • Nobles Ultra Glide
  • Tennant 3110 & 3120

Quality and Performance you can trust

You can count on quality and performance from Janitized’s® brand replacement Nobles/Tennant/Castex vacuum bags and filters.  Our filters provide:

  • up to 40% more air flow
  • 55% longer filter life
  • 99% micro-filtration

Janitized® brand filter bags offer you the high performance you can depend on and trust.

Nobles/Tennant/Castex Filters


  • TrailBlazer Lite
  • TrailBlazer XL

Nobles/Tennant/Castex Backpack Vacuums

  •  TrailBlazer BackPack Vacs
  • TrailBlazer Lite BackPack Vacs
  • TrailBlazer XL BackPack Vacs
  • Nobles Portapac I & II
  • Nobles Strap-A-Vac II
  • Tennant 3000/3050

Nobles/Tennant/Castex Industrial and Commercial Sweeper and Scrubber Filters

  • Tennant Battery Sweeper Model 3610
  • Nobles Tennant V-WA-26/66 & 3240 & 3260
  • Portapac I & II
  • Tennant Floor Scrubber Models 5680 & 5700
  • Tennant 7300 Rider Sweeper, 7080, 7100 & 8300 Scrubber
  • Nobles EZ Rider & EZ Rider HP
  • Tennant Synthetic Filter 6400, 6400E, 6400D Floor Sweepers
  • Tennant Panel Filter 6500, 6550, 6600 Floor Sweepers
  • Tennant Synthetic Filter 6500, 6650, 6600 Floor Sweepers

With Janitized®, you can be sure to get the absolute best experience from your purchase.  Our replacement Nobles/Tennant/Castex vacuum filters are backed by our Blue Ribbon Product Warranty and Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee.

Our commitment to you

Contact us today to learn more about our assortment of Nobles/Tennant/Castex vacuum cleaner bags or filters.

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