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NACE/Numatic Vacuum Bags

As industry leaders in the manufacture of vacuum bags and filters, customers trust Janitized® to provide quality, performance and superior service!

Our selection of “commercial grade” vacuum filters and bags are designed to meet the most exacting industry standards for innovation, safety, and health and are trusted by professional cleaners around the world.

Janitized® manufactures a wide range of high quality replacement bags for NACE/Numatic vacuums. Each of the replacement NACE/Numatic vacuum bags in this line have built in technology to help trap pollen, pet dander and dust mites whenever you’re using your vacuum.

We are recognized in the industry as the preferred manufacturer of premium performance vacuum bags and filters used by commercial cleaning companies all over the world.

As leading manufacturers of vacuum bags, we offer a range of accessories designed to fit and perform seamlessly with NACE/Numatic models.

NACE/Numatic Vacuum Models

Janitized® is distinguished in the industry for our high quality products. We proudly manufacture NACE/Numatic replacement vacuum bags for their range of upright, backpack and canister models including:

  • NACE/Numatic Charles/ George
  • NACE/Numatic 300 Series
  • NACE/Numatic NVQS Vacuum Cleaners
  • NACE/Numatic DM1400 & DM1800
  • NACE/Numatic Henry/ James for 200, 225, 235, 250, 252 & 260 & RSV130/200

Many models of our NACE/Numatic vacuum filters are also offered in high-efficiency micro-filtration.

Janitized is known in the industry for its high quality products. Each NACE/Numatic vacuum bag offers up to a 99.9% micro-filtration rating, provides up to 40% increased airflow along with strength and durability. Don’t waste your time shopping elsewhere for NACE/Numatic replacement vacuum bags.

Contact Us Today!

Janitized stands behind their products and offers the industry’s first Blue Ribbon Product Warranty and Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee.

Contact us today to learn more about our range of NACE/Numatic vacuum bags or to place an order. We’re happy to help you find the right product for your commercial cleaning needs.

Call 1-888-689-1235 X226 to speak to one of our team members or use the online contact form today!

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