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Leaders within the Cleaning Industry

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Janitized® brand replacement vacuum bags and filters are truly series of “firsts,” and we are proud our of product developments for the commercial cleaning industry.  Take a look at the number of ways we have set the bar when it comes to product quality and guarantees to the satisfaction of our customers!


  1. Premium Quality and Increased Filtration and IAQ vs OEM brand filters.

Janitized® products meet and/or exceed OEM specifications providing: 99% Micro-Filtration down to 0.3 microns, Up to 40% more airflow, Up to 55% increased filter life and Up to 46% stronger than Genuine OEM bags.


  1. Blue Ribbon Warranty

Janitized Gold Seal Warranty

Janitized® brand replacement filters and bags meet and/or exceed Genuine OEM filter specifications and warrants when operated under normal conditions and in accordance with the specifications of the manufacturer of the OEM equipment causes damage to the OEM equipment then APC will during the period for which the applicable manufacturer has warranted the OEM equipment against defects in materials or workmanship will warrant all bag failure related damage on the OEM equipment based on the terms of the OEM manufacturers warranty if the OEM denies an otherwise valid warranty claim based on the use of Janitized® filters or bags.


  1. Gold Seal Shipping Guarantee!

Janitized Goal Seal Shipping Guarantee

In the event we are unable to ship your order complete by the requested date, Janitized® will add one free case of the back order.

To learn more about Janitized® brand products, visit our website at!

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