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Janitized® Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

The team at Janitized® are pleased to announce our 10th anniversary as an innovator in the commercial cleaning industry. With a decade in the business, Janitized® is the original aftermarket commercial vacuum bag manufacturer.

10 Year Anniversary CelebrationFrom our limited beginnings with just 20+ SKUs, we have consistently expanded and developed new products. Following our ISO certification and our first print catalogue in 2008, we rapidly became a leader in the aftermarket vacuum bag industry. Today, we are proud to offer over 100 SKUs covering more than 50 OEM brands such as Windsor, Proteam, and Advance. As we have grown, we have built new relationships, including membership in the Indoor Air Quality Association.

Our geographic reach has also expanded. We now have four warehouse locations across North America, which lowers your purchase cost, makes for easy shipping, and reduces backorders.
Janitized® sales representatives cover all of North America, offering great customer service and a reliable contact point for our customers in every market. Our membership in seven buying groups further increases our market reach.

The key to our consistent business growth is our focus on quality, reliability, and innovation. Our work to consistently develop new innovations has helped us achieve a number of industry firsts.

  • First aftermarket company to offer a product guarantee (Blue Ribbon Warranty)
  • First aftermarket company to offer a shipping guarantee (Gold Seal Guarantee)
  • First and only compostable vacuum bags earning the USDA certified bio-based product label and validated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL), making us a leader and innovator in the sustainable market.USDA Certified Biobased Product
  • First and only product on the planet to receive all three US Government validations for compostability.

Janitized® brand compostable vacuum bags remain our company’s signature achievement. The development of this product line was a four-year process, from creation to application to certification. This investment in time and effort paid off. Our compostable line retails through many distributors and was the winner of the Sanitary Maintenance Distributor Choice award in 2015.

As we have grown, we have also given back. Our compostable bags have been a market leader, but they have also had a positive environmental impact. TCompostable Vacuum Bag Cataloguehese vacuum bags reduce the pressure on our landfills and help promote a greener world for future generations. In addition to our environmental initiatives, we also offer a PINK cloth vacuum bag where a percentage of proceeds go toward breast cancer research.

Building on the past decade’s achievements, Janitized® isn’t slowing down. Expect to hear more from us as we continue to grow and innovate over the decade to come. Our goal is to keep our line of vacuum bags and filters ever expanding so we can be a “one-stop shop” for the various cleaning product needs of our customers.

Thank you to our customers, our distributors, and our own design, production, and sales team for helping make this a fantastic ten years!

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