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How Many Times Should A Corporate Office Be Cleaned?

Spring is almost here, and that means spring cleaning. Homeowners and office owners alike understand the importance of spring cleaning and getting back into a routine of a regular cleaning schedule. For business owners, this is especially important because cleanliness is something your clients and employees expect and demand for a good working environment. If you are implementing your new cleaning regimen and are wondering how often the office should be cleaned, below are some tips to help you get started and to keep your corporate office clean.

Office size

How often your office should be cleaned comes down to how big your office is and what kind of traffic your office sees. The more people either working or visiting your office space means more dirt and grime present, resulting in more frequent cleanings required. If your office is small and employs only a couple of people, then you may not need a full weekly cleaning (though the bathrooms will). However, an office of 10 or more people may require a comprehensive weekly schedule to ensure a positive working environment.

What does your office do?

Another question to ask yourself when coming up with a plan to keep your corporate office clean: what’s the purpose of the office? Is it primarily a location where employees work with their head down all day long and not client facing? Or, is it a place where clients and prospective clients pass through on a regular basis, and you need to ensure everything looks tip-top at all time? Frequent visits by clients and other important people means you likely want a weekly cleaning schedule to make sure you are always prepared.


While weekly cleaning certainly sounds ideal, any time you make a business decision you always have to keep in mind your budget. Many cleaning companies out there can work with you to design a schedule and a service that works with you and your financial constraints. Consider how much value the service will add to you and your employees, how much it will boost productivity, or impress clients who come through. Ask yourself what is it worth spending to keep my corporate office clean?

Keeping the office clean should be a high priority for any business owner or office manager. Coming up with a cleaning schedule depends on some of the above considerations, so ask yourself these questions before sitting down with your cleaning service, and work with them to design a regimen that balances your employee, corporate and customer needs with your cleaning budget.

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