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How Improving Air Quality Increases Productivity In Schools

It is imperative that schools have good air quality. Not only is it important for the health and well-being of staff and students, but it is important for their productivity levels and students’ academic success. Children, for example, are much more vulnerable to these hazards given they breathe in more air than adults relative to their size.

Ensuring that janitorial staff have quality vacuum cleaner bags for their equipment can play a big role in the overall air quality of the school. Take a look below at how improving air quality increases productivity in schools and why this needs to be a leading priority for schools today.

  1. Good Air Quality Decreases the Amount of Time Off from School
    When the air quality is poor, students and staff get sick. Remember, indoor air is 5X more polluted than outdoor air, home to bacteria, dust, mold, VOCs, asbestos and more. Even in otherwise healthy students and staff, poor indoor air quality can produce a myriad of physical symptoms, from headaches to coughing to irritation and respiratory symptoms, thereby causing students and staff to take unnecessary time off. According to the EPA, as more students take more time off, their performance decreases.

    If you’ve heard of sick building syndrome, this is the crux of it. But not only will students and staff have to eventually take time off, but productivity levels are going to suffer on a day-to-day basis when working in sub-optimal conditions.

    Another study found that better ventilation can also decrease the risk of various airborne infections like influenza, leading to less time off and thereby boosting efficiency and productivity levels.

    Keep in mind that the school environment is also home to numerous airborne allergens and non-allergic triggers like chalkboard dust, which makes students with allergies and/or asthma symptoms particularly at risk. This can lead to even more time away from school and therefore decrease productivity levels in students and staff alike. With better air quality and ventilation, however, these triggers can be removed.

  2. Good Air Quality Improves Cognitive Abilities and Performance
    A recent study showed that when indoor air quality was improved, office workers performed 61% better on tasks. Moreover, cognitive performance improved by more than 100%. When students and staff have the brainpower to teach better and to learn in more optimal ways, respectively, productivity increases as a result. In fact, not only does productivity increase, but students’ academic outcomes improve as a result as well.

    Here is a look at how schools can improve indoor air quality. In short, it comes down to quality air filters for HVAC systems as well quality filters for cleaning equipment like quality vacuum cleaner bags. Janitized provides premium-quality filters and vacuum cleaner bags for janitorial cleaning equipment to ensure long-term, optimal health, safety and productivity in schools. Contact us today for more information.

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