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How To Extend The Life Of Your Commercial Vacuum Filter

Commercial vacuum cleaners are essential to any cleaning business. But they undergo plenty of wear and tear due to constant use. As a result, many cleaning businesses spend more than they should on vacuum cleaners and their components.

Knowing how to extend the life of your commercial vacuum filter improves its performance while minimizing the costs related to the maintenance of your cleaning equipment.

The following will provide simple steps that you can take to get more out of your commercial vacuum cleaner.

Inspecting Your Vacuum Cleaner

Commercial vacuum cleaners are used in a variety of environments. This leads to the buildup of debris, dirt, and other materials that impact its performance over time. Vacuum cleaners that aren’t maintained can release an odor that indicates the need for vacuum maintenance.

The first step you should take is to inspect the underside of the vacuum cleaner. Fibers from rugs and carpets, along with other debris, can become trapped and obstruct airflow.

The vacuum’s beater bar can be affected by debris, and many vacuum cleaners are easy to disassemble in order to inspect this and other components.

The beater bar may also be removed for easier cleaning, which can extend the life of your vacuum cleaner’s filter over time.

Prevent Excess Moisture

Excess moisture is a factor that commonly affects the lifespan of commercial vacuum filters. This can result from leaks that exist underneath rugs and carpets.

In many cases, vacuum operators may not notice moisture, which can get inside your commercial vacuum cleaner and cause unwanted issues such as erosion.

If the inside of the vacuum’s hose gets wet, it can cause debris and dirt to remain inside and build up over time. This obstructs the flow of air and negatively impacts the vacuum’s ability to clean.

This can cause mould to develop if it’s left unaddressed, leading to other unwanted problems.

Longer-Living Vacuum Filters

The best way to extend the life of your commercial vacuum filter is to use those that are proven to last longer.

Although vacuum filters must be changed regularly in order to maintain performance, choosing the right filters provides additional benefits, such as reducing costs for your business.

A high-quality filter that’s cleaned regularly can ensure that your vacuum’s motor functions properly. It maximizes airflow so that you clean more in less time.

The exterior of your commercial vacuum should also be kept clean. This removes unwanted debris that can affect the machine’s various components. This enhances its function while eliminating any smells resulting from buildup.

Proper maintenance of your commercial vacuum cleaner extends the life of its filter. More importantly, choosing a high-quality filter that’s built to last longer reduces maintenance expenses and helps you provide greater service to your clients.

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