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Dri-Eaz* Replacement Filters for Restoration Filtration

Janitized® aftermarket filters offer a variety of filter designs to maximize the efficiency of specialized restoration equipmentDri-Eaz* replacement filters

From Carbon to HEPA filtration rated at 99.97% at 0.3 micron, Janitized® aftermarket filters designed to fit Dri-Eaz* DefendAir* HEPA 500 machines help improve indoor air quality during the remediation process and after. They do this by capturing airborne contaminants and returning the air to a level of cleanliness equal to or better than pre-loss conditions.

Whether you’re remediating water damage, fire damage, storm damage, or mold remediation, our replacement Dri-Eaz* restoration filters will help improve the indoor air quality.

Janitized® aftermarket Dri-Eaz* DefendAir*HEPA 500 filters include all four levels of filtration: Stage 1, Stage 2, carbon filters and HEPA filters. This combination provides complete filtration for all of your remediation tasks.

Dri-Eaz* Replacement Filters – Models

Janitized® is proud to provide the following aftermarket filters for Dri-Eaz* DefendAir* HEPA 500 Machines:

Contact Us for Replacement Dri-Eaz* Filters

Contact Janitized® today to learn more about our Dri-Eaz* DefendAir* replacement filters.

Call 1-888-689-1235 X226 to speak to a representative or use our online contact form today!

*Trademark or registered trademark of original equipment manufacturer, which may not endorse the use of aftermarket filters in its products.

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