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College & University Sustainability and Indoor Air Quality

As some of the largest institutions in North America, universities and colleges have to place a special emphasis on environmental policies and air quality. Most post-secondary institutions have a variety of policies and initiatives in place related to sustainability and indoor air quality.

Whether to improve and maintain their own indoor air quality or to provide sustainable options and technologies that will contribute to the overall school environment, college and university sustainability policies and green initiatives are undeniable evidence of the ever-growing focus on environmental health.

Indoor Air Quality in Universities and Colleges

University sustainabilityMonitoring indoor air quality is key for any large organization, whether a business or a school. Poor indoor air quality can cause headaches, irritation, and respiratory issues for anyone who spends prolonged time indoors. It’s important that indoor air quality be taken seriously to prevent illness.

Many universities and colleges offer programs, courses, and clubs to educate, initiate, and implement air quality improvement procedures. These courses can focus on anything that contributes to improving indoor air quality, from HVAC systems, construction materials, air filters, to cleaning equipment supplies and filters.

These groups monitor Indoor Air Quality and take feedback, recommendations, and suggestions from faculty or students very seriously. Reporting procedures are in place to ensure that any issue is promptly investigated and appropriate measures taken to improve the situation. To combat poor air quality, most post-secondary institutions use a variety of filtration methods. Quality air cleaning filters used in HVAC systems or in cleaning equipment can contribute to improved indoor air quality.

University & College Green Initiatives and Sustainability Policies

Colleges and universities often lead the way in environmental policies, sustainability, and green initiatives. Many changes, such as solar panel installation, finding renewable energy sources, recycling, installing charging stations for hybrid and electric cars, or using local sourcing has led to a decrease in the carbon footprint of many universities across the United States and Canada. Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and waste is a priority of many university and college green initiatives.

Composting is one university and college sustainability policy that has gained a great deal of traction. These green initiative policies are often student led and help reduce waste from different departments and areas across campus. Reducing the use of non-compostable materials and replacing them with materials that are compostable is a great way to contribute to these policies.

Anything from food and beverage packaging, uniforms, supplies, and cleaning equipment can have compostable replacements. Finding compostable replacements can significantly reduce the amount of waste produced by a college or university.

How does Janitized® Help?

Janitized® replacement vacuum bags and filters for colleges and universities, designed to fit a wide variety of floor cleaning equipment, are a great addition to schools looking to improve air quality and contribute to university and college sustainability initiatives.

Our HEPA filters offer 99.97% micro-filtration down to 0.3 microns, the hardest particle size to filter. They capture allergens, bacteria, and other particles that can cause symptoms of poor indoor air quality.  We’re proud members of the Indoor Air Quality Association and do our part to make the indoor air cleaner and healthier. As members of this association, we must meet the strict standards set by ASHRAE (American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers) and the IAQA.

Our Janitized® brand

are a fantastic choice for contributing to college and university sustainability policies. They have received the Bio-based Product Certification and Label from the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture). They are the industry’s first certified and approved compostable vacuum cleaner bags validated by Underwriters Laboratories (UL). Our compostable bags are in line with government regulations, meeting the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Green Guidelines. You get efficient, high quality filters that fit into an environmental policy and promote sustainability, helping to reduce waste across campus.

We are also a member of AASHE (Association for the Advancement of Sustainability in Higher Education). We want to help colleges and universities across North America improve their sustainability policies which can be done through the use of our products.


For more information about how Janitized® replacement vacuum filters and compostable vacuum cleaner bags can help your college or university’s sustainability policies, green initiatives, and indoor air quality, contact us today!

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