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Your Cleaning Checklist For Fall

Every professional cleaner knows that cleaning occurs all-year-round – not only during the spring. But fall is a particularly busy season for many businesses and institutions, from schools to offices to warehouses. Fall is when things begin to kick into high gear, when the cold and flu season is quickly approaching and when winter is on its way, making cleaning particularly necessary. It’s time to put your Tornado vacuum cleaner to work!

  1. Clean Air Vents and Replace Filters

    Your air vents collect a lot of dust. Poor air quality caused by dust and other debris can dramatically reduce the health and well-being of employees and students (conversely, here’s how good air quality can improve productivity in schools). Your HVAC system will also not be as energy efficient if there is a buildup of dust and other grime.

    In order for systems to work effectively and not disperse dust throughout the air, they need to be cleaned and air filters need to be replaced as necessary. Vent covers should be removed and cleaned with water and soap.

  2. Replace Your Cleaning Equipment Filters

    If your business uses a Tornado vacuum cleaner or other similar commercial grade cleaning equipment with filters, it is important filters are cleaned/replaced to ensure that they are working as effectively as possible. The manufacturer’s directions will provide a guide as to how often this should be done, but fall is a great time to assess the situation.

  3. Disinfect All Frequently-Touched Surfaces

    Cold and flu season is right around the corner. In order to minimize them as much as possible, it is important that cleaning staff spend a lot of time disinfecting vulnerable surfaces — i.e., surfaces that are touched a lot. This includes doorknobs, computer keyboards, countertops, desks and so on and so forth.

  4. Test and Clean Smoke Detectors

    Dust can also accumulate in smoke detectors and cause them to not be as effective, so it’s important that they are periodically cleaned. You can use a vacuum’s soft brush attachment in order to do this. Test your smoke detectors and also put in fresh batteries.

  5. Don’t Forget About the Exterior

    The outside of your building is equally important to the inside. It is important to clean your gutters before the winter sets in to prevent any damage to your roof along with water damage either inside or outside your business. Fall is also a good time to check any loose branches or limbs on any nearby trees that could come down during a windy winter and pose a safety risk.

Here is a more extensive fall cleaning checklist for schools.

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