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All About Micro-Filtration

For all intents and purposes, micro-filtration has everything to do with vacuum filter bags. People often ask, “What’s the difference between micro-filtration and HEPA filters?” Many believe that these are very similar technologies, but that is not the case. This article will look at what, exactly, microfiltration is in more detail below.

What are Micro-Filtration Vacuum Filter Bags?

As stated above, micro-filtration is specific to vacuum filter bags, designed to capture microscopic particles (for the record, HEPA filters are also designed for this exact purpose, but use different technology to do so).

Microfiltration filter bags have a secondary ply layer (composed of a polypropylene melt-blown filter) – in fact, some microfiltration filter bags have even more than one ply layer. Standard filter bags only have one ply outer layer.

As such, micro-filtration filter bags improve efficiency by reducing the number of micro particles that escape through the filter bag and into the air. In fact, a 2009 study by the University of Virginia Asthma and Allergic Diseases Center found that micro-filtration bags can actually relieve allergy symptoms, including the effects of cat dander.

In contrast, traditional filter bags that do not have the additional layer are capable of picking up debris but are not able to stop fine particles, such as dust and other allergens, from escaping into the air.

Micro-filtration vacuum filter bags ensure superior air quality by trapping all of these contaminants in the filter bags. This is vital for commercial businesses across many different industries, as well as residential properties.

HEPA filters achieve a similar effect, but are designed differently than micro-filtration filter bags. However, HEPA also offers higher filter efficiencies. If you want to achieve the best possible air quality for your business, micro-filtration filter bags and/or HEPA filters will definitely ensure optimal results.

From a business perspective, air quality is one of the best things you can invest in for your business. Poor air quality is linked with poor employee health, poor productivity, and more sick days. When you prioritize air quality, you are making your business much more efficient.

Janitized offers the most extensive selection of replacement commercial grade filters available today. We would be happy to discuss which kind of filter bags would be best suited for your business goals. Contact us today for more information.

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