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How To Accommodate Environmentally Friendly Regulations In The Manufacturing Industry

As we become increasingly aware of our devastating environmental impact, laws and regulations continue to be put in place across industries to reduce this very impact. The manufacturing industry is certainly not immune to these regulations. However, as much as businesses and industries are having to change standard practices in order to accommodate these regulations, businesses are also becoming aware of the benefits that come alongside these same laws and regulations.

Not only do these regulations allow the manufacturing industry to reduce their environmental impact, it also results in greater product safety, quality control, and employee safety. As consumers become more discerning as to the products they choose, industries and businesses also gain a competitive edge in the marketplace. Environmentally friendly practices represent the larger trend toward sustainable manufacturing, which the industry is shifting to on their own terms. With that in mind, here are the ways the manufacturing industry can accommodate these changes.

1. It Begins With Top-Level Management
First and foremost, environmentally friendly manufacturing begins with top-level management. Top-level management sets concrete goals and targets to work toward and then lead the way themselves. Management has to take on the responsibility of teaching employees environmental awareness in the workplace, and management must make employees aware of the company’s goals.

2. Consider Grants
In an effort to encourage various industries to commit to environmentally friendly practices, the government of Canada is offering grants to help various businesses meet these goals.

3. A Broad Look At Environmental Manufacturing Regulations
Broadly speaking, manufacturing regulations are focused around several different initiatives, including reducing waste, increasing recycling efforts, and increasing the efficiency of operations so as to reduce energy output. Regulations are pushing manufacturing industries to reduce their use of chemicals. Manufacturing industries can begin this endeavour by making small changes.

As you can see, a large part of sustainable manufacturing is eliminating unnecessary waste wherever possible. One way that the manufacturing industry can do this is with green cleaning practices, such as choosing compostable vacuum bags. 1.5 billion vacuum bags are disposed of every year in North America and end up taking up a lot of space in landfills. Given that the manufacturing industry has to have a tight hold on their cleaning practices for the health and safety of consumers and employees, the manufacturing industry is already positioned to impact significant change in this area, both in choosing compostable products but also in using chemical-free cleaners.

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