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6 Ways To Green Your Commercial Cleaning Business

There are many ways that commercial cleaning businesses can distinguish themselves from competitors. But making your commercial cleaning business more eco-friendly can increase brand awareness and help you reach a wider audience.

Going green helps you increase your revenue while reducing the costs associated with running your business.

The following are 6 ways to green your commercial cleaning business so that you save money, provide better service to your clients, and support the wellbeing of the environment.

  1. Use Post-Consumer Waste ProductsPost-consumer waste (PCW) products include packaging, paper, and other items commonly used by cleaning businesses.

    These items are manufactured from recycled materials and lead to a reduction in the waste that’s created when manufacturing traditional paper products. It requires less energy and has a lower impact on the earth’s resources.

  2. Use Green Cleaning Products
    Environmentally friendly products reduce the health risks associated with traditional cleaning products and chemicals. The fumes produced by chemical-based products can affect employees as well as the occupants of the facilities they clean.The use of green cleaning products is a feature that you can highlight when offering your cleaning services to prospective clients.
  3. Replace Old Cleaning Equipment
    Outdated cleaning equipment or appliances used by your business may be wasting more resources than is necessary.Some manufacturers carry ratings that highlight their products’ energy efficiency, which helps businesses and the public choose cleaning equipment that has a lower impact on the environment.

    You can also perform an energy audit on your equipment and workspace to determine what options are available to make your business greener and reduce your monthly energy costs.

  4. Green Power for Your Commercial Cleaning Business
    Many utility companies offer alternative energy options to businesses and consumers. Alternative power is generated through the use of renewable sources including hydropower, solar, and wind.The options that are available to you will depend on the location of your business. So you’ll need to determine how your commercial cleaning business can take part in using alternative energy sources and create a greener organization.
  5. Use Compostable Vacuum Bags
    Compostable vacuum bags are one of the best ways to green your commercial cleaning business. Compostable bags decompose in compost sites and reduce the effects that traditional waste has on the environment.Compostable vacuum bags meet industry specifications, which make them an ideal option for your commercial cleaning business. Their use continues to grow in response to the demand for earth-friendly products by businesses and the clients they serve.

    Compostable vacuum bags are effective at removing dirt, dust, and debris, and they can be used for cleaning in a wide range of commercial and residential settings.

These 6 ways to green your commercial cleaning business can save you money while helping you reach more environmentally-conscious consumers.

Let your clients know how you’re taking part in supporting the health of the environment so that they know who to choose for their cleaning services.

Your commercial cleaning business will reduce its impact on the environment while providing greater value and service to its clients.

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