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4 Vacuum Necessities If You Are A Pet Owner

Owning a pet can be one of the most rewarding experiences of a person’s life. Coming home to that unconditional love and companionship, having a friend to go on walks with, explore the outdoors and to keep you company can be immensely fulfilling. Being a pet owner does, however, come with a list of demands, one of which is cleaning. There are certain vacuum necessities that all pet owners understand, especially if they own a dog or a cat with long fur that the animal is constantly shedding. Below are four vacuum necessities to keep in mind if you are a pet owner.

Hardwood and tile

If most of your home is hardwood floor or tile, you are going to need a vacuum cleaner that can be set to specific modes to suck up hair off those surfaces. If you are trying to get fur off hardwood floors, the biggest necessity in a vacuum is good suction. Otherwise, you are just going to end up spreading hair all over the place.

Carpet and rugs

Pet hair trapped in carpets and rugs is even more complicated than hard surfaces. If you are trying to get pet fur out of carpets and rugs, you are going to want a vacuum that not only comes with great suction but also a rotating brush to physically pull the fur out of the carpet. Keep in mind that a rotating brush is capable of damaging hardwood floors. Use the appropriate vacuum tool for the surface you are cleaning.

The best type of vacuum for the job

While there are a wide range of vacuums available, not all of them are created equally when it comes to picking up pet hair. Robot vacuums are often the choice of pet owners because they clean as you go. Unfortunately, they are not always the best choice for picking up pet hair and they require frequent emptying. One of the best vacuums for a pet owner is a canister style vacuum. They often come with a range of features and tools to effectively tackle a range of surfaces.

The vacuum necessities for a pet owner are not overly complicated, but there are certain things that pet owners have to keep in mind when cleaning and when selecting a vacuum that non-pet owners do not. Consider the above tips when selecting a vacuum to keep your home pet fur-free (or as free as possible) and you, your pet, and your guests will always be able to enjoy a fur-free home.

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