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Oreck Replacement Vacuum Bags and Filters

Janitized designs and manufactures commercial-grade, aftermarket vacuum bags and filters for commercial and industrial cleaning equipment around the world. We offer an extensive line of vacuum filters for the industry’s leading brands, including Oreck vacuum models.

We are a leading manufacturer of aftermarket Oreck vacuum bags and filters. When you work with Janitized replacement vacuum filters, you know you’re getting a high performance and high quality product in your cleaning equipment.

At Janitized, we are dedicated to providing our customers with the largest range of replacement Oreck vacuum filters and bags in North America and around the world. We design our filters and vacuum bags with industrial and commercial cleaning equipment in mind to ensure they work as efficiently as possible for wholesalers, distributors, and end-users.

Replacement Oreck Vacuum Filters by Janitized

Janitized manufacturers aftermarket Oreck vacuum bags and filters for a variety of their vacuum models, including backpack models. We use only the highest quality materials in our filters to ensure they are long lasting and efficient. In fact, Janitized replacement vacuum filters boast up to a 55% longer filter life than other OEMs.

Our comprehensive line of replacement Oreck vacuum bags are made for five different Oreck models with different specifications. They are available in 2-ply combination paper and meltblown micro filter, 1-ply paper micro filter, SMS, and microcloth.

Our replacement vacuum bags fit the following Oreck models:

  • Oreck * OR1006 Vacuum Filter Bag – 101393
  • Oreck * XL2000 , 8000 & 9000 series without docking system Vacuum Filter Bag – PK80009DW
  • Oreck * XL2000 , 8000 & 9000 Type CC Vacuum Filter Bag – AK1CC6A , CCPK8DW , PK20008DW
  • Oreck * XLPRO10 10 Qt. Backpack Vacuum Filter Bag – 10-0007-A
  • Oreck * XLPRO10 Backpack Vacuum Filter Bag – PRO10DW
  • Oreck * XLPRO6 6 Qt. Backpack Cloth Vacuum Filter Bag – 10-0496
  • Oreck * XLPRO6 6 Qt. Backpack Vacuum Filter Bag – PRO6DW

View our Oreck catalogue product page for more information!

Why Should You Choose Janitized?

At Janitized, our entire manufacturing team is passionate about providing aftermarket vacuum filtration solutions that are a step above the competition. We are dedicated to providing only the best Oreck replacement vacuum bags and filters for their models so our customers around the world get the best filtration.

Our aftermarket Oreck vacuum bags and filters are specially designed to provide up to 40% more airflow and have a 55% longer filter life. Our standards meet or exceed OEM specifications.

Janitized “commercial grade” vacuum bags and filters offer 99% microfiltration down to 0.3 microns. This helps to keep surfaces clean, machinery functioning efficiently, and air quality high.

End-users, distributors, and wholesalers around the world trust Janitized as their reliable source for top quality aftermarket vacuum filters.

Contact Janitized for Replacement Oreck Vacuum Bags

For more information about our aftermarket Oreck vacuum bags, contact Janitized. We can provide more information about our products and help you find the right replacement vacuum filter for your application.

Our customer service team is friendly, professional, and knowledgeable. They can be contacted at 1-888-689-1235 X226 or by our online contact form.

Call or message us today about our replacement Oreck vacuum bags and other vacuum filtration products!

* indicates a registered trademark of the original equipment manufacturer.

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