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Office Cleaning Equipment

Offices and office buildings are a breeding ground for stale air, bacteria, and dirt. In what is typically a closed environment with hundreds of people, it can be difficult to keep surfaces and air clean and free of bacteria and other harmful particles.

Janitized® manufactures premium quality aftermarket filters for office cleaning equipment to ensure that your office is kept clean and safe for your employees.

Office Janitorial Equipment Filters by Janitized®

Filters for office cleaning equipment need to be long-lasting, efficient, and powerful. Janitized® filtration products meet or exceed OEM specifications, with up to a 55% longer filter life and are up to 46% stronger than Genuine OEM bags. For high quality filters for office cleaning equipment, Janitized® has you covered.

We manufacture aftermarket filters for a variety of office cleaning tools. Our filters can be used in commercial vacuum cleaners, sweepers, scrubbers, industrial wet cleaners, restoration equipment, and more. You can trust that all our office janitorial equipment filters are of the highest quality to ensure the surfaces in your office are receiving a thorough clean.

Janitized® has many professional qualifications that demonstrate our experience and quality. Our HEPA filters offer 99.97% micro-filtration down to 0.3 microns, capturing allergens, bacteria, and other particles that can cause illnesses and discomfort in your employees. Our line of Compostable Vacuum Cleaner bags received the Bio-based Product Certification and Label from the USDA. They are the industry’s first certified and approved compostable vacuum cleaner bags validated by the Underwriters Laboratories. They promote sustainability, reduce waste, and can become part of your office’s “green” regulations or policies.

We are members of the Indoor Air Quality Association. Our filters are in line with various government regulations to fit with your organizations buying policies. We can help keep your office building clean and employees safe and healthy. You can trust Janitized® to provide robust and efficient filtration solutions for your office cleaning equipment.

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