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The Four Filthiest Places In Your Office

Most people don’t think of their office as a particularly unclean place. Places like the restroom, entranceway, or even the office kitchen usually earn this conclusion. Unfortunately, the average office is actually more germ-infested than even the restroom. This is because objects in offices are touched so much more frequently. If that doesn’t make you want to visit your local cleaning equipment suppliers, then nothing will.

Nonetheless, office are breeding grounds for germs. You might be surprised to see just which places in your office are actually the dirtiest.

    1. Office Air
      According to the EPA, indoor air is 5X more polluted than outdoor air. Indoor air is home to bacteria, dust, mold, pollen, VOCs, asbestos and many other harmful pollutants that can actually make even the healthy office worker quite ill.


    1. Keyboards
      It’s an unfortunate truth, but attention must be turned to what is one of everyone’s most frequently used office staples—the keyboard. In fact, your keyboard is actually the filthiest place in your office. This is because your keyboard is touched—a lot. Think about how often you touch your keyboard, even just sending emails. There’s a lot of time for germs to transfer. If you want to get more specific about it, the average keyboard contains 200 times more bacteria than a used toilet brush.


    1. Your Mouse
      Your mouse, unfortunately, suffers the same tragic, bacteria-riddled fate that your keyboard is destined for. It is touched just about as much and will have similar levels of bacteria.Additionally, neither your keyboard nor your mouse is likely to receive much cleaning attention, which only allows the bacteria to grow even more.


    1. Handles
      This applies to almost any handle that you can find in the average office. Common culprits include restroom handles, microwave handles, refrigerator handles and the handle to just about any door you pass through.These get a lot of contact from a lot of different people and are perfect for transmitting bacteria between co-workers.


    1. Phones
      Finally, the average office telephone harbours a great deal of bacteria. For reasons similar to the objects above, it houses a lot of bacteria from the frequent instances of people touching it, either grabbing the headset or punching numbers via its buttons.However, telephones have the added bonus of being right next to the user’s mouth, allowing the user to breathe and even spit bacteria all over the receiver. Telephones, for this reason, house a lot of bacteria.


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