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Industrial Panel Filters

As a leader in the aftermarket filtration industry, Janitized® provides high quality and efficient products to clients all over the world. We offer superior customer service to help you find the best product to fit your cleaning needs. Janitized® is…

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Replacement Sandia Vacuum Bags

At Janitized®, we hold ourselves accountable for setting and maintaining the highest industry standards for replacement vacuum bags and filters for commercial cleaning instruments. Professional cleaning companies everywhere trust Janitized® first to provide strong, durable and dependable replacement products for…

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FTC Cracks Down on Greenwashing

At Janitized®, we pride ourselves on our commitment to quality, innovation, and environmental sustainability.  We work hard to ensure these principles are reflected in our line of vacuum products and packaging. We are therefore glad to see the U.S. Federal…

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Replacement Royal Vacuum Bags

Our range of replacement Royal vacuum bags and filters are known for their durability, quality, and alternative designs.  They collect and trap potentially harmful airborne particles, helping to protect your employees, your clients, and others. Janitized® is recognized as a…

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Replacement Hoover Vacuum Bags

Janitized® has built our reputation as an industry-leading manufacturer of replacement vacuum bags through our commitment to quality and service.  Cleaning companies know a Janitized ® brand replacement vacuum bag delivers the “commercial grade” cleaning solution their tough jobs require. …

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Cleanmax Vacuum Bags

Our years of experience have garnered our company the trust of professional cleaners around the world. We develop custom cleaning solutions for a wide range of top-rated vacuum cleaner brands to help enhance the service of their cleaning tools. We…

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NACE/Numatic Vacuum Bags

As industry leaders in the manufacture of vacuum bags and filters, customers trust Janitized® to provide quality, performance and superior service! Our selection of “commercial grade” vacuum filters and bags are designed to meet the most exacting industry standards for…

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Powr-Flite Vacuum Bags and Filters

Janitized® is pleased to offer replacement Powr-Flite vacuum bags and filters for your heavy duty cleaning needs. Custom manufactured and precision designed, Janitized® brand replacement vacuum bags meet the exact requirements of your Powr-Flite machine. For specific products, view our…

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